Residential Appraisal Fees

Our residential appraisal fees are based upon the complexity, the time, and the research required to complete a particular appraisal assignment. In order to provide an adequate fee quote for our appraisal services, we require the following types of information:

  • Address or approximate location of the property
  • Type of property (eg. single family, condo, duplex, multi‐family, etc.)
  • Purpose of the Appraisal (eg. Mortgage financing, litigation, divorce proceedings, tax appeal, etc.)
  • Time frame required to complete the report

The above questions summarize the types of typical information we would require to provide a fee quote for our appraisal services. Our support staff may be able to ask some of these initial questions, but the appraiser may also need to follow‐up in order to provide an accurate fee quote. The time frame is important to agree upon at the outset, so that there are not expectations that we cannot meet in this regard.

For all of your residential appraisal needs, contact Niemi LaPorte & Dowle Appraisals Ltd.